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Swiss Cargo Canoe | Kayak Cart Review

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Overview Of The Foldable & Portable Swiss Cargo Kayak Cart\Dolly

My One Year Field Test Review

So it’s been about a year and a half now since I got my first Swiss Cargo kayak cart and I thought that I’d give an overview of how it’s performed and held up over that time period.  It’s design is simple and functional.  It takes less than a minute to assemble or breakdown, but we’ve always kept them assembled for fear of loosing parts (we have 3 of them now).

I got my first chance to use this cart on a trip to Florida two winters ago.  My son and I used it to transport a new Sundolphin Boss 12ss that I was given to test out on our trip down there.  Every morning my son and I would load up all of our gear into the kayak once it was on the kart and walk it down the road about a block to the board walk and the public beach access.  It took us 2 or 3 trips to figure out where the balance point of the kayak was with all of our gear in it, but once we got it figured out we were pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to pull on firm ground.  One guy could easily pull the 150+ lbs of kayak and gear down the side streets.

Once on the beach it did it’s job.  On the wet sand one guy could still easily pull it, but in the soft sand it became more work to pull by yourself… it was much easier having the second guy assist by pushing from behind.  Our tires came out of the box a little on the soft side, which I figured would be better on soft sand, so I’ve never fully inflated them since using it for the first time.

The sand on our beaches here in Michigan are much softer than those in Florida and we’ve found that life stays much easier when we team up to roll them across beach.   We each roll our own kayaks through the parking lot, down the walkway to the soft sand and then team up for the 100 yard pull across the beach.  My usual kayak that I strap to it is a 12′ foot roto-molded Evoke Sequoia 120 that would be too heavy to transport to the water without some sort of aid.  I’m able to load up my rods, my YakAttack Black Box, all of my tackle and my camera cases all at once, saving me the hassle of several trips back and forth to the truck.

Out of the box, they work really well for kayaks with a flatter bottom.  For kayaks that have more of a V shape to them, the kayak will tend to lean to one side on the cart.  This is remedied by adding additional padding to the outside corners of the cart via pool noodle foam, but I’ve found that it’s really not necessary.  I just let the kayak lean to which ever side it chooses, strap the kayak and down and go.  This only happens to my sit-inside kayaks and I rarely carry a lot of equipment with me when I’m using those, so I don’t need it to lie flat in order to carry equipment.

My Impression:  For less than $60 I think it’s a good deal for anyone who needs to transport their kayak across firm ground the majority of the time.  If I spent the majority of my time launching a kayak from a beach, especially if I was by myself, then I’d consider getting a cart with beach tires.  They are about twice the cost, but it would be worth it for getting across the soft sand by yourself.

I made a quick video of the cart:

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