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Easy Sun Dolphin Kayak Repair

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How to fix a crack or hole in a kayak made of HDPE

So we’re excited to release the first video in a series of How-To kayak repair videos.  We spent a lot of time testing different methods and approaches that people take when trying to repair cracks or holes in their kayaks.  We also spent some time testing the durability of these fixes to give people really good overview of what works and what doesn’t.

Using simple household tools to weld HDPE

This article and the associated video will focus specifically on how you can easily repair a crack in your kayak hull using just a screwdriver, a propane torch and HDPE from everyday items in your home.  The sacrificial kayak we used for most of our tests was a Sun Dolphin Aruba 10ss.  While we chose to go with household sources of HDPE for this video, we also cover two ways that you can get HDPE that will match your kayak in case you’re concerned about the looks of your yak!

Simple Steps To Repairing A Sun Dolphin Kayak

Step 1:  Locate a source of filler HDPE to use in the welding process.  Good sources include plastic milk bottles, 5 gallon buckets or lids, plastic grocery bags, ordering a kit of plastic from the manufacturer or even cutting small strips from your kayak.

Step 2:  Sand the surface with 80 grit sand paper to remove any oxidation from the surface of the plastic.

Step 3:  Wipe the surface with alcohol or acetone to remove any wax or oils from the surface.

Step 4: Heat your screwdriver or knife with a propane torch and use it to melt the filler material into the base material.

Watch this video for a complete start to finish how-to guide of repairing your kayak using only simple tools:

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