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Easily Add Your Own Launch Point

We invite you to join other members of the paddling community in building a comprehensive map of canoe|kayak access points.   We want to make it as easy as possible for community members to help each other find new and exciting places to paddle.  Adding a point is simple:  Step 1) Enter a title for your marker using the body of water name first and then a location ie: Indian Lake Public Launch – Maple Ave.  Step 2)  Use the map to zoom in and find your launch point.  We feel that it’s easier to find the exact location by first zooming in while in map mode.  Once your close, switch to satellite view, find the precise spot and right click on the map to place your marker.  Once the marker is placed, you can left click on it and hold to drag it to a precise location.  Step 3) Add a description.  You can copy the text to the right of the form to use as a guide and paste it into your marker description if you’d like to make things easier.  Step 4) Choose your categories.  If it’s a lake access point, choose lake.  If it’s a river access point choose river and then choose which river if it’s in the list.  Step 4) click the box to prove you are human and then click the blue “add marker” button.

Video Tutorial On Adding A Map Marker

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