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Here's to the fanatic, the passionate and the enthusiast. To those who commune with nature on a regular basis. The ones who know that time on the water is not an escape from life, but a return to it. Individuals who feel at home when on the water. Those that find pure enjoyment in nature, are inspired by it's secret joys and empowered by it's silent beauty. The crazy ones who believe that in this increasingly connected world, the richness of life is found in adventure and in the rejuvenating flow of water around you... We're glad your here!


CAN YOU help others access a favorite river you like to float?  DO YOU know of good rivers for multi-day camping trips with kids?  COULD YOU write a tutorial on techniques for bass fishing from a kayak?

If so, WILL YOU please share your knowledge with our community!  We want articles and posts on this site to come from other like-minded community members who want to share their passion for paddling with the community to help everyone find exciting new adventures.

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From a simple recent river reports to full blown trip guides… big or small, we’d love to hear your story.  Use the form at the link below to submit your story and images.  Reports, specific river guides, tips, how to’s, scenic destinations or anything paddling\ fishing related is welcomed.  Share your story!

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Real, honest reviews wanted!  Let the community know your true opinion of your kayak.  How do you rate it’s stability, speed, durability?  We’ll be doing some of our own in house testing for comparisons, but we want to know what our community thinks of their kayak\canoe\SUP.

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Finding new places to paddle isn’t always easy.  Local access points can sometimes be hidden in plain sight, right under our noses.  Help other members of the community find a place to paddle whether they are on vacation or just looking for a new local launch point.

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Kayak fishing

Kayak fishing

March 11, 2019



May 31, 2018



May 31, 2018



May 31, 2018


Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing

Kayak Fishing For Pike \ Bass In Upper St. Joseph River

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Shark fishing turned kayaking with dolphins

Kayak Customization

Kayak Customization \ Repair

Easy Sun Dolphin Kayak Repair

How to fix a crack or hole in a kayak made of HDPE So we're excited to release the first video in a series of…
Kayak Customization \ Repair
DIY Micro Power-Pole Mounting Plate for Evoke Sequoia 120

Gear Reviews

Kayaking Gear | Reviews

Swiss Cargo Canoe | Kayak Cart Review

Overview Of The Foldable & Portable Swiss Cargo Kayak Cart\Dolly My One Year Field Test Review So it's been about a year and a half…

Community Trips

Community Trips and Tips

Kayaking Turnip Rock

Put in - Kayak access point Bird Creek Park Take out - Kayak access point Bird Creek Park Distance  7 miles Total trip time (including…