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CAN YOU help others access a favorite river you like to float?  DO YOU know of good rivers for multi-day camping trips with kids?  COULD YOU write a tutorial on techniques for bass fishing from a kayak?

If so, WILL YOU please share your knowledge with our community!  We want the articles and posts on this site to come from community members who want to share their experiences and passions with other like-minded people!

Support the Berrien Springs Fish Cam

Thanks to a generous donation from Michigan based EVOKE KAYAKS, we were able to install a new live streaming fish ladder camera at the damn in Berrien Springs!

We have a 5 year agreement with the State of Michigan to stream the feed, but we need your help to fund it!  The previous camera was taken down because it was too costly to run.

We believe that with the support of local fishermen and businesses, we can crowd fund the operation of the camera.  Please visit our Indegogo page to offer your support!